About Tales of Liberty and lesser things

I find the process of personal  blogging somewhat egocentric, the belief that our thoughts and opinions are of any interest to the rest of the world.  We are, however, social animals with a desire to participate in the life adventure with humanity at large.   We read, comment, support, dispel, chuckle, learn, and generally connect, even with strangers.
There is an element of safety, after all it’s not like we are accosting people on the street demanding that they listen to us.  Its more like putting an “Open” sign in the front window and seeing who walks through the door.
I have nothing profound to say to my fellow-man just my thoughts on the world in general and my little place in it.
Welcome to the rooms of my soul.  Feel free to wander around, open the cabinets, see whats hanging in the closets and even leave your calling card in the tray at the door.


ConstitutionAbout Freedom and Liberty

I am a believer in the sanctity of the Constitution of United States as the defining document of our country,  our  way of life, and one of the few absolutes in an ever-changing world.
I do not believe it was meant to be “fluid,” changing with the times, any more than I believe that morals are situational.
We have allowed expediency to replace values and knee jerk reactions to events to replace thoughtful judgement and decision-making.
The Constitution hasn’t been over ridden, it has been sacrificed at the altar of a feel good society.
We cannot allow the winds of change to blow out our candle of freedom and liberty.
We are the guardians and the front line soldiers charged with protecting the tenets on which our country was founded.  Live with courage and be not afraid.


Of lesser things….

There are moments when time stands still, moments when the earth seems to stop revolving on its’ axis, when the sun disappears from the sky, the stars are extinguished and the moon drops into the abyss of a far off universe; times when the air we breath ceases to exist as we hold our breath, waiting, just waiting. There are moments frozen in time and burned into the personal history of our lives.

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